How cultural and biological diversity are interconnected

How cultural and biological diversity are interconnected:

While every living thing is dependent on a number of other living things for its survival, people are somewhat unique in that they have evolved relationships with a vast variety of other life forms for food, medicine, shelter, clothing, and other uses.  The immensity of this can be seen across cultures, when we compare the diversity of plants, animals, and other life forms that each culture has coevolved with.  According to Vandana Shiva, a scientist and activist in India who has worked hard to advocate the importance of native plant diversity, “The co-evolution of culture, life forms, and habitats has conserved the biological diversity of this planet. Cultural diversity and biological diversity go hand in hand in hand.”  In fact, the regions of the world with the highest level of biodiversity also have tremendous ethnic and cultural diversity.  At a time when the world is undergoing drastic changes due to population growth, introductions of new species, and changes in climate, it is important to realize how cultural diversity helps people to adapt to changing conditions in our environment.

Diversidad geneticaDiversidad especieDiversidad de ecosistemaDiversidad cultural | ¿Donde se encuentra la biodiversidad?¿Como estan interconectado la diversidad biologico y la cultura?¿Porque esta importante la diversidad biologica?¿Que cosas pone la diversidad biologica en peligro?¿Que podemos hacer para preservar la diversidad biologica?

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