Diversidad genetica

Each living being is born, sprouted, cloned, or hatched with its own unique set of inherited biological traits that are carried within the DNA of their genes.  You can see genetic diversity in all the different shapes and colors and sizes of squash or beans sold in the market, as well as in all the different shapes and colors and sizes of human beings!  The more genetic variety that exists within any one species, the healthier that population will be and the better it will be able to survive changes in its environment.  For example, corn has been cultivated for thousands of years in mesoamerica, and careful selection has led to countless varieties, each of which is specially adpated to survive in a specific region.  If one variety of corn were to be lost to disease, flood, fire, or other change in its environment, there would still be many different varieties of corn with high genetic diversity, and corn would still exist in abundance.  But what if there was only ONE variety of corn?  What would happen then if corn was attacked by a virulent pest, and all the corn got infected and perished?  This might seem far-fetched, but there are plenty of examples of this occuring throughout history.  In the mid 19th century, the Irish government thought it could provide its people with more food if virtually all the fields were planted with just one kind of potato, because this was the staple food of much of the population—even though people had been growing a diversity of food crops for a long time.  When a potato blight infected potato crops and spread rapidly throughout the country, the people were left without food.  Over a million people died of hunger, and a million more fled the country.

Diversidad geneticaDiversidad especieDiversidad de ecosistemaDiversidad cultural | ¿Donde se encuentra la biodiversidad?¿Como estan interconectado la diversidad biologico y la cultura?¿Porque esta importante la diversidad biologica?¿Que cosas pone la diversidad biologica en peligro?¿Que podemos hacer para preservar la diversidad biologica?

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