Diversidad de especies

So far, scientists have identified and named over 1.4 million species living on earth.  This includes approximately 4,000 species of mammals, 9,000 species of birds, 10,500 species of reptiles and amphibians, 19,000 species of fish, 72,000 species of fungi, 950,000 species of insects, and 270,000 species of plants…  Not to mention all of the thousands of mollusks, worms, spiders, algae, and other tiny microorganisms that live alongside us, above us, beneath us, in our gardens and in our dinner pots, and sometimes even inside of us!  Agrobiodiversity is a special kind of species diversity that describes the great variety of plants that humans cultivate for food, medicine, and other uses.  It can even describe individual gardens and farms.  For example, a large farm that grows rows and rows of just one variety of wheat and kills everything else with pesticides has a very low level of agrobiodiversity.  On the other hand, an average traditional mesoamerican home garden is comprised of between 40-200 cultivated plant species, as well as many others that just sprout up naturally as a part of a natural and healthy ecosystem.

According to scientists, there are millions of species out there that have yet to be identified and named.  Though we don’t know much about these species yet, there is one thing that we know for sure:  each one of them is interconnected with an intricate web of other species around it, and has many important relationships with other life forms that are yet to be revealed.

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