Diversidad Cultural

As mentioned above, human beings are included in the great web of life, and our cultural differences can be described as a kind of biodiversity as well.  Culture is the unique way in which each community of people perceives, describes, and interacts with their environment and other life forms in order to survive.  Culture creates the framework for society.  This varies widely depending on geographic range and the unique array of life forms that inhabit any given region, along with other factors such as religion and spiritual beliefs.  Such beliefs can greatly influence a community’s diet, which animals they use to help them with labor or to keep them company, which crops they choose to grow, and how they choose to grow them.

Diversidad geneticaDiversidad especieDiversidad de ecosistemaDiversidad cultural | ¿Donde se encuentra la biodiversidad?¿Como estan interconectado la diversidad biologico y la cultura?¿Porque esta importante la diversidad biologica?¿Que cosas pone la diversidad biologica en peligro?¿Que podemos hacer para preservar la diversidad biologica?

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