Biodiversidad de ecosistemas

Ecosystem biodiversity:  Ecosystems are natural communities made up of many different groups of living things that thrive and depend on one another in a particular geographic region.  Terrestrial ecosystems include the multitude of microorganisms in the soil, the plants that sprout from the soil, and all of the insects, birds, animals, and so on, that take shelter there and interact with each other.  Some of the ecosystems that exist in Chiapas include highland pine forest, tropical rainforest, evergreen cloud forest, and coastal lagoons.  More recently, scientists have been talking about another kind of ecosystem: the agroecosystem, or the living community that comprises a farm or garden, whose principal function is to produce food for humans.  In the same way that different gardens and farms have varying levels of species diversity, there also exists a diversity between different kinds of agricultural production systems—even amongst those with equally high levels of diversity.  Do families in the highlands of Chiapas grow the same kinds of things in their home gardens as families in the lowland tropical rainforests of the Yucatan peninsula, or in the deserts of Pueblo and Oaxaca?  It is important to recognize that the species of each ecosystem evolve together, not separate from each other.  For example, only a specific kind of beetle will pollinate the malanga or isak, with the beetle depending on the flower for food and mating grounds, and the plant depending on the beetle for the survival of its species.

Diversidad geneticaDiversidad especieDiversidad de ecosistemaDiversidad cultural | ¿Donde se encuentra la biodiversidad?¿Como estan interconectado la diversidad biologico y la cultura?¿Porque esta importante la diversidad biologica?¿Que cosas pone la diversidad biologica en peligro?¿Que podemos hacer para preservar la diversidad biologica?

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